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Shri Ramcharitmanas Online Prashnavali

जय श्री राम

How to ask a Prashnavali question?

  • Step 1 Close your eyes with a calm mind and meditate on Sri Rama for a few moments. Make your question in your mind.
  • Step 2 Say "Jay Shree Ram" and click anywhere on prashnavali chart with closed eyes.
  • Step 3 Your answer page will load immediately.(May take upto 5 seconds for answer to load)

With the result, you will also be able to know the chaupai and the incident(kand) of Ramcharitmanas from where your answer is taken.



This online Prashnavali matches the Prashnavali given in Ramcharitmanas exactly. This chart has been made on the basis of the original Ram Shalaka prashnavali and it is not an image

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Let us first know more about Ramcharitmanas.

About Ramcharitmanas

RamCharitraManas word is made of three word Ram- Lord Rama, Charitra - his character or deeds and Manas - Mind. So, Ramcharitramanas, a holy book of Hindus describes the deeds, character and intellectual thinking of Lord Rama. How he lived his life and solved various problems he faced. It is beautifully written by Tulsidas in the form of poems.

Image from Shri Ramcharitmanas

People use RamCharitraManas in many ways, they sing in groups or individually, mediate on a particular verse and also perform.

In India, every year people take part in Ramleela( playing roles of various character of Ramcharitramanas). This is a very beautiful way to tell deeds of Rama to common man.

Deeds Of Rama

Ramcharitrmanas consist of 7 big chapters called “Kand”. Each Kand depicts a particular part from the life of Lord Rama. The Kand’s are Bal Kand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranya Kand, Kiskindha Kand, Sundar Kand, Lanka Kand and Uttar Kand.

रामचरितमानस के "कांड" :-

Among these Kand's, Sundar Kand is often sung by people in their homes almost daily or weekly especially on Tuesday.

Each Kand has many lessons to learn and answers many questions about life and how to act on a particular situation. 

How to Use

To use the Online Prashnavali, you should take a bath and wear fresh clothes. Think of Shri Ram in the process and clean your mind and body.

Meditate on Shri Ram with the question in your mind. Pray to God to give the right answer to your question.

There is no point asking the same question again. Before asking the question be sure that you have asked it with full faith with a clean mind and body after praying. After seeing the result believe in the answer.

You should ideally ask only one question in a day after clean mind and body and praying to shri Ram.

Please do not treat the online Prashnavali as a game.

After you click on any box in the online chart,the answer to your question will be shown in green if the result is positive and in red if the result is negative.

The answer will be shown both in english and hindi. Below the answer you will find additional results showing the Verse(choupai) and the place (sthan) in the Ramcharitmanas.

After you click on any box in the chart.A choupai (Verse) is formed taking every 9th letter from the online chart.This is calculated automatically and shown as the result below your answer.

The Place describes the particular time in reference to the "kand" in the Ramcharitmanas.

One thing that should be observed while using the prashnavali is that one should not ask the same question again and again.The first time you ask a question, ask it with true faith in Shri Ram.

रामचरितमानस प्रश्नावली में उपयोग होने वाली कुछ चौपाइयां, उनका अर्थ एवं श्री रामचरितमानस में स्थान

Ramcharitmanas Prashnavali is available in both Hindi and English.This app is recommended because of it's easy to use interface and design.

The Ramcharitmanas Ram Shalaka Prashnavali Chart

The chart has 225 squares. It is a 15 by 15 matrix containing alphabets of various verses of the Ramcharitmanas. Every 9th alphabet in the prashnavali chart is added up to form a verse (Chaupai) . When you return to the original alphabet a full verse is formed. This verse gives the answer to your question. In this mannar there are various chaupai (verses) that can be formed starting from each alphabet of the chart.The chart's prashnavali chart image is shown here.The actual chart to ask questions containing individual alphabets is shown on the top of this page.

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